Our services:

Foundations execution

Our focus is the construction of all types of foundations for Wind Farms, according to our client’s requirements and designs. For example prefabricated foundations, rock-anchor foundations, gravity foundations...


We can execute contracts according our client's needs, that is why our scope can include all or partially the following:

  • Blinding layers execution.
  • Manufacture, delivery and fixing of reinforcement steel.
  • Anchor cage assembly.
  • Installation of electric conduits.
  • Lightning protection system installation.
  • Formwork, supply and installation.
  • Concrete casting and curing.
  • Grouting
  • Sealing

We execute the work according to the country standards and turbine supplier specifications; following H&S and quality regulations from beginning until the hand-over.


Grout Installation

After achieving good results and being certified by Master Builders Solutions as ONSHORE WIND GROUTING CONTRACTOR.

Our team will execute the final interface between the turbine and the foundation, executing the grout joint made of high-strength concrete, according to their standards to guarantee the work.

We have presence in Germany, France, Sweden, and wherever you might need this work to be done within the EU.

Execution Supervision

Considering specific request from clients, we have increase our reach on the business and provide the service of supervising execution. 


Our clients can count with a wide experience from our personal in all stages of the project.


FuBau GmbH
Briller Str. 181-183
D-42105 Wuppertal

Contact Germany:

Herr Hamid El Qsiri
M: +49 (0) 176 789 42 773

Email: hel.fubau@gmail.com


Contact Spain & Sweden

Frau Julieta Hernandez


M: +49 (0) 152 530 83 126

Email: jhc.fubau@gmail.com



Contact for other EU Countries:

Herr Daniel Böhme

Technischer Leiter

M: +49 (0) 163 312 1656

Email: dab.fubau@gmail.com

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